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About Kaaya


What is my story?

My name is Kaaya Sharma. I am an entrepreneur, award-winning author, philanthropist, and passionate college student dedicated to inspiring a better world for animals. My interest in animal care began in middle school when I visited San Jose Animal Care Center, a rescue shelter in San Jose, California, to volunteer as a Cat Companion. This experience, especially seeing mistreated animals firsthand, helped stoke my passion for working with them, advocating for their rights and treatment, and protecting their health and well-being. 

As my interest deepened, I took on more responsibility at the shelter as a Vet Clinic Assistant, supporting the shelter veterinarian as needed with the physical exam, surgery, and aftercare. Inspired to do more, I joined the ZooTeen and Docent programs at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, working closely with the administrative team to support their animal care and conservation programs.


Happy Hollow is a unique combination of amusement park, puppet theater, and accredited zoo with over 150 animals, ranging from exotic red pandas to mischievous meerkats. It is the first Gold LEED-certified amusement park and zoo in the United States and an industry leader in utilizing green building practices. Due to my background and deep love for animals, I was selected as a Youth Board Member (2021-2022) for the Happy Hollow Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the park and zoo's mission through donor stewardship and strong community connections.


Through these experiences, I came to realize how vital education is, especially for children, to build compassion and respect for animals. With this realization, KDS Animal Services was born - a business I founded at fifteen years of age to fundraise for zoos and animal shelters, provide affordable pet care services, and educate the public about animal care and ethics. 

Since then, I have devoted myself to bringing awareness to the animals of this world, which also prompted me to start writing children’s books. I saw a real need for books that inspired creativity, fun, and a love for reading and animals in young children. 


I donate part of the proceeds from my business and book sales to zoos and animal shelters. Please read this article and annual report featuring my donation to Happy Hollow, or visit my books page to learn more about the books I have written.


What can I do for your pet?

Since I volunteer regularly at a local zoo and animal shelter, I am used to being around all kinds of animals, and thus can adjust my behavior and interactions to make your pet feel more comfortable and less stressed in a new situation. Friends and family always call me to care for their pets. I would like to extend my pet sitting service for your pet too. 

My goal as a sitter is to make sure that every animal in my care is happy. I work hard to give each pet what they need, whether that means taking them for a long walk, playing fetch, rolling in the grass, or just spending quality time with them. I will do whatever it takes to make them feel safe, loved, and cared for.

I am lucky to live in a spacious house with a big yard in a quiet neighborhood. There is plenty of room for your pet to explore and relax. My parents and my beloved pet dog will offer extra attention and love, too. There is always someone in the house, keeping an eye on your pet.

Your pet will love how kind and caring my family is. We don’t pressure our furry friends. We let them take their time to get to know us, and being shy is totally fine! We’ll treat your pet just like we do our own. Please feel free to bring their crate, bedding, leash, food, treats, toys, etc. so they are more relaxed and less anxious about being away. And don’t worry, they'll have their own great vacation here with us!

What I would like to know about your pet?

I would like to make sure I have your and your vet’s contact information in case of an emergency. I would like to know if your pet is up to date on vaccinations as well as friendly with people and other pets. Does your pet have any health issues, personality quirks, or fears I should be aware of? Does your pet have any special diet or medical needs? Are there any restrictions, allergies, or safety issues I need to know about?

I always like to do a meet and greet with you and your pet before booking a service. By doing this, you can see the environment where your pet will be staying, meet my family, and get answers to all your questions. We look forward to meeting you and your pet soon!

My Team

Together we will make sure that your pet enjoys their time with us!




Pet Care Specialist


Pet Care Specialist



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