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Volunteer, Foster, Donate


No amount of 'work or gift' is too big or small. There are many ways to support our furry friends and make a difference. Simply follow the links below OR call your local zoo or shelter for ways to give and support them.

1) Volunteer at a zoo or shelter. The animals will thank you personally!

Happy Hollow Zoo​ - Volunteer

SJ Animal Care Center - Volunteer

Humane Society - Volunteer


2) Foster a pet. These pets will truly melt your heart away!

SJ Animal Care Center - Foster

Humane Society - Foster


3) Make a monetary donation. It's as simple as that!

Happy Hollow Zoo - Donate

SJ Animal Care Center - Donate

Humane Society - Donate

4) Provide pet supplies. Don't have money or time - no problem!

SJ Animal Care Center - Pet Supplies

Humane Society - Pet Supplies

5) Do all of the Above. You are truly amazing! 

NOTE: If you wish to donate pet supplies, look at 'DIY Projects' below for some ideas. Please do email me afterward with your "Full Name and How you Supported" at, so we can celebrate you! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions as well. Thank You! 

DIY Projects

Animal shelters are always in need of pet supplies like unopened wet or dry foods, newspapers, old towels/blankets, crates, puppy pads, toys, stainless steel or ceramic food/water bowls, etc. Below are some examples of DIY Projects that you can have fun with and possibly even donate to your local shelter. 

1. Soft Fleecy Blankets!




  • 35" x 35" Fleece Fabric (your own or try Amazon)

  • Pencil or Pen

  • Fabric Scissors

  • Ruler or Measuring Tape 




  1. Measure and cut out a 35" x 35" piece of fleece.

  2. Cut out a 6" x 6" square from all corners of the fleece, so it looks like a thick plus sign or medical symbol.

  3. Along the edges of the fleece, cut 6" deep and ½" wide fringe strips. Do this for the entire perimeter of the fleece.

  4. Tie two fringe strips together in tight double knots for the entire perimeter of the fleece. This creates the knotted design at the edges of the blanket!

  5. You're done! Impressive work :)


















2. T-Shirt Tug Ball Dog Toy!




  • Old T-Shirt

  • Tennis Ball (or any other pet-friendly ball)

  • Fabric Scissors

  • Ruler or Measuring Tape 




  1. Measure and cut two big 6" x 14" rectangles and five thin 6" X ½" rectangle from the old T-shirt fabric.

  2. On a flat surface, lay both big pieces of fabric in a shape of an "X".

  3. Place the ball in the intersection of the two big pieces of fabric.

  4. Fold the big fabrics over the ball enough times to cover the ball completely, leaving enough fabric under to create a long tail.

  5. Tie one thin piece of fabric securely under and around the ball in order to keep the ball in place.

  6. With the big tails of the fabric left at the bottom, cut each into three separate strips of equal width (about 2" each), making sure not to cut too deep that it tears the thin fabric strip securing the ball. 

  7. Braid the four tail ends tightly, securing the ends with the last four thin pieces of fabric. Make sure everything is tight and well secured to make the toy as durable as possible.

  8. You're done! Time to play some tug of war :)


3. Spidey Hair Tie Cat Toy!




  • Elastic Hair Tie

  • Fleece Fabric (or Old T-Shirt) 

  • Fabric Scissors

  • Ruler or Measuring Tape

  • String or Stick (optional) 

  • Fabric Paint (optional)




  1. Measure and cut out the fabric into 4" x ½" rectangles. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

  2. Tie the strips of fabric around the hair tie with a tight double knot.

  3. Continue this process until the entire hair tie is covered with fabric.

  4. OPTIONAL: Attach the hair tie onto a string or stick, so you have a better grip on the toy to play with the cat! You can also decorate your fabric or T-Shirt with Fabric Paint if you wish for stunning results.

  5. You’re done! Have fun :)

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