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Five ways pets express joy and happiness

There's no doubt that when you see your dog's big, goofy smile, or your cat purring on your lap, a smile immediately comes to your face. We easily get lost in our own busy lives so much so that we forget our furry friends are waiting for us at home ready to offer us genuine comfort and love. When our pets are happy, that energy is reflected upon us as well, even if it's only for a moment. Let's look at the various signals pets show indicating they are feeling joyful, happy, and are just having a grand old time with their favorite people.

1. Waiting at the door/window

If you haven't been home for a while, chances are your pets are anticipating your arrival. They have very keen ears, so if they hear you pulling up in the driveway, they will most likely run to the door to be ready to greet you. This shows their excitement and joy because they've been waiting (sometimes for hours) to interact and play with you! Remember, both dogs and cats are extremely social animals and enjoy private time with their owners.

2. Bringing you their favorite toy

If your pet brings you their favorite toy, they are excited and want you to play with them! This is especially true with dogs when they are in an extra playful mood. Cats tend to be less willing to give you their toys directly, so if they do so, it is an act of trust and acceptance. In both cases, it is a good indicator that your pet is comfortable and happy.

3. Smiling and wagging their tails

When dogs are excited, happy, and joyful, the most prominent indicator is the movement of their tails. If their tails are wagging, they are extremely excited about something, whether it be playing with you or seeing something that interests them. The more aggressive the wag, the more excited the dog! Another good indicator that they are happy is when they pant. As long as the pant is not too excessive, which usually happens when an animal is nervous or scared, this is their way of smiling and expressing joy.

4. Cuddling and purring on your lap

Both cats and dogs love to cuddle! If you're sitting on the carpet, sofa, or bed and they come and lie down next to you, it generally indicates that they are calm and happy. Cats in particular will purr when they are in a relaxed environment and are feeling very comfortable and calm. This usually happens when you stroke and pet them.

5. Kisses and snuggles

If your dog jumps on you and gives you loads of kisses and love, it's most definitely a good indicator that they are happy to see you! Sometimes cats will also lick you softly when they are in a loving mood, but this occurrence is rarer. Cats are more likely to just snuggle and lay down with you!


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