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The stigma against black cats on Halloween

As most of you might already know, black cats are associated with bad luck, black magic, and many superstitions. This association has resulted in lower adoption rates and higher euthanization rates for black cats compared to cats of other colors. With Halloween approaching soon, black cats face a significant challenge and stigma with their so-called spooky nature. It is time to break this stigma and give black cats the love that they deserve!

Why are black cats considered bad luck?

The fear of black cats originated in the Middle Ages when black cats were associated with witchcraft. English folklore of the time created the idea that witches transformed themselves into black cats to discreetly hide their identities. This theory was further acknowledged during the Salem witch hunts when the fear of witchcraft was at its peak, causing black cats to be further stigmatized.

Unfortunately, this idea still holds somewhat true today. For example, during Halloween, many decorations have black cats on them, often in the presence of a witch. And even though it may not seem like a big deal to us, this stigma has taken a considerable toll on black cats. Studies have shown that black cats are two-thirds less likely to be adopted as opposed to white cats and half as likely to be adopted compared to tabby cats. In addition, this way of thinking makes it exponentially harder and more challenging for them to find their new forever home.

What are some myths surrounding black cats?

As with any stories, folklores, and tales, there are still many superstitions about black cats prevalent in our society today. Some of the most commonly heard black cat myths include:

All black cats bring bad luck.

Never let black cats cross your path.

Black cats are witches and represent Satan.

A black cat that sleeps with a sick person will bring death.

Nobody wants to adopt a black cat.

Why is this simply not true?

With all these myths and superstitions surrounding black cats, one truth remains: Black cats are just as sweet, cute, and playful as any other cat. In addition, they make excellent family pets and great companions for those living alone. No matter their fur color, all cats deserve the same love and chance at a better life. So next time you see a black cat crossing your path, there is absolutely no reason to look the other way!

If you need some extra reassurance, black cats are even considered good luck in some cultures. Unlike the majority of the western world, many Asian countries regard black cats as good luck. For example, in Japanese culture, black cats are a symbol of wealth and prosperity. As a result, black cat figurines are very popular and believed to ward off evil energy and demons.

It is time to end the stigma against these beautiful creatures. They deserve more love and recognition than currently provided. So don’t overlook adopting a black cat based on its fur color alone! This will be the first step in ending the stigma that has taken an enormous toll on this animal.


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